General Terms

Website General Terms of Use

I. Subject

Art. 1.  These General Terms of Use, hereinafter referred to as „General Terms of Use“ , are intended to regulate the relationship between KATALINA RESORT LTD, hereinafter referred to as „Provider“ , the owner of the website:, hereinafter referred to as „the Website“ , and each of the users, hereinafter referred to as „User/s“ , of the Website in connection with the use of the Website by the User.

II. Provider’s details

Art. 2. Provider’s details:
1. Name: KATALINA RESORT LTD, UIC 205728189
2. Registered office and address of management: 4580 Batak, hotel Katalina
3. Address of business activity: Tsigov chark resort, 4580 Batak
4. Correspondence data: Tsigov chark resort, 4580 Batak, tel.: 03542 3366,
5. Registration in public registers: Commercial Register at the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria.
6. Supervisory authorities :
(а) Commission for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Bulgaria, address: 1592 Sofia, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., tel .: 02/915 35 18, fax: 02/915 35 25, E-mail:, website:
(б)  Consumer Protection Commission, address: 1000 Sofia, 4A Slaveykov Square, fl. 3, 4 and 6, tel.: 02/980 25 24, fax: 02/988 42 18, hot line: 0700 111 22, website:
(в) Commission for Protection of Competition, address: 1000 Sofia, 18 Vitosha Blvd., tel.: 02/935 62 22, fax: 02/980 73 15, E-mail, website:
7. Registration under Value Added Tax Act № BG 205728189.

III. General provisions

Art. 3.  The Website and the services offered through the Website operate under the rules described in the General Terms and Conditions.
Art. 4.  The Provider does not guarantee the continued operation of the Website, nor that the website contains any errors.
Art. 5.  The Provider reserves the right to suspend access to certain material (including, but not limited to: photos, texts, etc.) published on the Website or the entire Website, without the consent of the User, for an unlimited period , planned or accidental, without liability for any damages to the User.
Art. 6.  The Provider reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the structure or content of the Website. The changes shall take effect immediately after their publication on the Website.

IV. Characteristics of the Service

Art. 7.  The main characteristics of the services provided to the Users by the Provider through the Website, hereinafter referred to as the “Services”, are the following:
(1)  The Provider provides the opportunity to view and share the content published on the Website. The Provider provides information about itself, its team, the services it provides, current offers, information articles, contact details, presentation of its customers and partners and others.
(2)  The Provider provides the ability to generate a phone call via function buttons on the Website.
(3)  The Provider provides the ability to generate electronic inquiries, reservations and requests by e-mail address (e-mail) through functional inquiry forms within the Website. The User should fill in the fields specified by the Provider and select the Send button. When using this service, the Users should keep in mind when accepting these General Terms of Use they shall be considered informed that the use of this service does not automatically lead to the conclusion of a contract between the User and the Provider, i.e. sending an inquiry by e-mail does not create an obligation for the Provider to provide a particular service and does not place the Provider and the User in a contractual relationship. It should be considered that the respective User, who sent an inquiry by e-mail to the Provider, has entered into a contract with the Provider for the provision of the service only after receiving a confirmation in this regard from the Provider.
The Provider does not guarantee its ability to respond and the period in which the response will be provided.
(4)  The Provider provides the opportunity to generate electronic inquiries through an e-mail client used by the User, through functional links from the Website. For this purpose, the User needs to select a specific functional link on the Website (place where the Provider’s e-mail address is displayed and can be “clicked”) and the device used by him to open a new window for writing a message from an e-mail client embedded in the device.
The Provider does not guarantee its ability to respond and the period in which the response will be provided.
(5)  The Provider provides an opportunity for redirecting (linking) the User to the business accounts of the Provider in social networks, accounts and websites of its partners, customers and others. The Provider provides this opportunity for the convenience of the Users, and is not responsible for the content of the accounts and websites to which the possibility of redirecting is provided and which are not owned and/or operated by the Provider. These General Terms of Use do not apply to the accounts and pages to which the possibility of redirecting is provided, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
(6) The Provider provides the ability to use a dynamic Google map integrated on the Website. The use of this service is subject to the applicable Google Maps and Google Earth Terms of Use available at .
(7) The Provider provides the ability to change the language of the content on the Website by selecting function buttons indicating the relevant languages at the top of the Website.
The Provider does not guarantee the ability to translate any content on the Website. In case the User’s current page is not available in the selected language, the User will be redirected to the homepage of the Website for the language of his / her choice.

V. Intellectual property rights

Art. 8. (1)  All information published on the Website, including but not limited to: texts, photos, audio and video materials, is the intellectual property of the Provider or is used by the latter on legal grounds and as such is protected by the current legislation related to intellectual property protection, including but not limited to the protection of copyright and related rights.
(2)  The Provider reserves all the rights referred to in the previous paragraph.
(3)  The use of the information referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, including but not limited to: copying, modification, reproduction, without the consent and permission of the Provider or the respective holder of intellectual property rights, except in cases expressly provided by law, is prohibited and constitutes a violation of the Provider’s intellectual property rights or the rights of their respective holder, in case the holder is different from the Provider.
Art. 9.  The Website may contain names and brands of products, services or persons who represent or may represent trademarks owned by the Provider or third parties. Access to the Website, as well as anything in these General Terms of Use or the rest of the content of the Website must not be understood and/or interpreted as and does not constitute the granting of a license or right to use any such trademark, without the prior written consent of the Provider or the relevant third party – owner of the intellectual property in question.

VI. Other provisions

Art. 10. (1)  The information and materials available on the Website (including, but not limited to: articles, images, messages, etc.) are informative, general and abstract in nature and do not represent, nor should they be accepted or to be interpreted as advice, guidance and/or consultation provided by the Provider to any of the Users of the Website.
(2) The Provider is not responsible for the correctness, reliability, accuracy and/or timeliness of the information and materials available on and/or through the Website, for any reason, or for their applicability to specific factual situation.
(3) The Provider is not liable for financial and/or non-financial responsibility in terms of the content of the Website, nor is it liable for any damages suffered by any User and/or third party in connection with the use of the Website and/or the information and materials available to the Website, including their application to a specific situation (for example: undertaking by the User of specific actions based on information posted on the Website).
Art. 11. If any provision of these General Terms of Use proves to be invalid, this will not lead to the invalidity of the entire contract.
Art. 12. These General Terms of Use enter into force for all Users as of 17.10.2022.
Art. 13. The General Terms of Use may be amended by the Provider at any time, and any change in the General Terms of Use shall enter into force for the Users without the need for explicit notification of the latter.
Art. 14. By using (including, but not limited to browsing, clicking on links, entering information, etc.) on the Website and the information contained on the Website, the User expresses his/her unconditional consent to the General Terms of Use and any subsequent changes therein, and that he/she is bound by them and will observe them.